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Western Kansas Research-Extension Centers

About Us

Organization Context

Kansas State University (KSU) agricultural programs include off-campus research units under the auspices of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES). These units are located strategically throughout the state  to enhance contact with the people of Kansas, extend local services to clientele beyond the main campus, and broaden the focus to encompass a greater degree of diversity in climate and soils.


Region of Focus

Geographical boundaries of the WKREC is somewhat arbitrary depending on the specific technology or application. In general, the program addresses agricultural production needs in the 46 western-most Kansas counties bordered on the east by a line that starts at Smith county on the north and extending to Barber county on the south. Nevertheless research results are commonly applicable statewide and beyond the borders of Kansas.

Service Area / Region of Focus

The Western Kansas Research-Extension Centers (WKREC), one of several administrative units accountable to the KAES director, is composed of four sub-units including: