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Soil Science
Augustine Obour, Soil Scientist
Program Description
The overall goal of the Soils Program at Hays is to identify and develop soil management and agronomic production practices which protect soil, water, and air resources while sustaining crop yields and maintaining soil and environmental quality. To achieve this goal, the Program strongly relies on basic and applied research principles. The program approach is based on the concept of multi-functionality in which soils are managed to provide a number of ecosystem services, including: 1) conserve and store water, 2) meet the increasing demands for food and fiber production, 3) filter and purify air and water, 4) store urban and industrial wastes, 5) sequester carbon (C) to offset the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, and NO2) that contribute to projected global climate change, and 6) sustain wildlife habitat.
The emphasis of the Program is to develop efficient soil and nutrient management cropping systems for western Kansas. Specific  research efforts are focused on 1) investigating soil fertility and nutrient management issues in dryland (water-limited) cropping systems , 2) investigate the interaction among tillage, cropping sequence and nutrient management and evaluate their impacts on crop productivity, nutrient cycling, C sequestration  and overall soil health, and 3) develop oilseed and bioenergy feedstock production recommendations for western Kansas.
Current Projects
10/20/14 - Augustine Obour recently was interviewed by Jennifer Ryan of Dryland No-Tiller E-Magazine. The article appeared in their mid-October issue. See the link to the article below:
04/14/14 - Augustine Obour joins the Agriculture Today program and discussing his soil and cropping system research, (Audio File).

Augustine Obour
Soil Scientist
Agricultural Research Center - Hays
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